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All of us at the Economic Policy Institute (EPI) are angered and deeply saddened by the police murder of George Floyd, and so many other senseless deaths in the Black community—incidents rooted in a long history of anti-Blackness in our nation.

This is a horrible moment for our nation—and a moment that challenges each of us to commit to lasting change. Read full statement.

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Evidence to date suggests that black workers face much more economic and health insecurity from COVID-19 than white workers. Persistent racial disparities in health status, access to health care, wealth, employment, wages, housing, income, and poverty all contribute to greater susceptibility to the virus—both economically and physically.?Read more

The July jobs report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows two months in a row of payroll employment gains, an increase in jobs of 4.8 million in June on top of 2.7 million in May. But, even with these mild improvements, a large jobs deficit remains. And, unfortunately, deepening pain is on the horizon.?Read more

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Economic Policy Institute’s research and policy staff are providing ongoing data and analysis to help policymakers understand how we can mitigate the long-term effects of the crisis. See EPI’s coronavirus research series

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